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INSA Lyon optimizes its “convention processes” on GoFAST

GoFAST collaborative DMS attracts the higher education sector and wins as the industry's first client, the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon. The goal of INSA Lyon is to optimize its document management through global collaboration, while guaranteeing compliance for the processes. Beyond simple "sharing" of documents, GoFAST allows management of their life cycle, from creation to preparation for archiving. INSA Lyon chose GoFAST OnPremise for the management of its agreements after a successful POC, which was able to provide concrete solutions: easy and adaptable configuration of workflows, ergonomics, reports, audit, etc. See more

Video Webinar to watch and review (FR) !
How to eliminate the "mess" of
the file server
and federate the collabarative work?

OnlyOffice & CEO-Vision, a global strategic partnership
With the integration of OnlyOffice, 3 years ago, GoFAST is the European alternative to Office365-SharePoint-Teams

Documation and Digital Workplace
Sep. 22-23-24

STAND B-67 : Demo and use-cases with GoFAST Collaborative Digital Workplace (Paris, FRANCE)

GoFAST Comparisons
Discover the differences with SharePoint Office365

GoFAST 3.7 Community edition available
Questions ? Check out our forums and direct your questions to the community !

Tariff policy 2020 :
The GoFAST offer is at the same prices as in 2019 ! Discover GoFAST SaaS & OnPremise subscribtion

Deployment of GoFAST Digital Workplace in the Occitania Region

As part of the IS redesign, the Occitania Region has chosen the GoFAST collaborative-DMS platform to centralize, secure and manage all working documents globally. After a first phase of limited deployment, the continuation of the deployment was validated in mid-2019, with the objective of replacing the file servers and federating the work of all the agents in the region. GoFAST allows the region to avoid so-called "GAFAM" solutions and the pricing policies of large software vendors, as well as to demonstrate its support for sovereign and open source solutions. See more



Cloud Act and strategic choices on managed services outsourcing

Much has been written about the Cloud Act, voted in the spring of 2018. Nevertheless, all kinds of approximation and misrepresentation have motivated us to write our own analysis, as factual and precise as possible. The Cloud Act effectively allows, under certain conditions and only in the case of an alleged serious crime, the seizure and / or interception of data stored outside the United States, by American police. Independence and digital sovereignty is a major topic ! To secure our data, think Onpremise (and souverain SaaS if your IS is outside USA). See more   

Collaborative task management “Kanban” (Trello-type) in GoFAST 3.7

Long-awaited by the GoFAST users-community, Kanban (= post-it in Japanese) is coming to the Collaborative DMS platform! In addition to structured management of business processes (Workflows), users will now be able to work in "Agile" mode for the collaborative tasks of their teams. Since documents are easily linked to tasks, information is no longer in separate "software silos", a key element in the case of avoiding duplicates, bad versions or forgetting a task. Each Collaborative Space (Directions, Projects ...) has its already existing "Kanban" board: no additional access to manage, all you have to do is collaborate! See more   



Use-Case for invoices: Capture and Workflow

Dematerialize your invoice management processes to save time and reduce errors and costs. Each organization has its own processes: GoFAST allows you to model 100% suitable workflows and automate assignments (admissions, validations, etc.), required information, classification and distribution, alerts and reminders, etc. Discover through this use-case best practices, from dematerialization to validation and even the electronic signature of PDF invoices. See more 

Relevant Alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite: Edition & Co-edition

Replacing the Microsoft Office Suite was complicated because the alternatives were not compatible enough and caused loss of formatting. With the move of Office365 to the Microsoft Cloud and its budgetary impact, in addition to the issues related to the Cloud Act (even if hosted the USA), the need for an alternative is becoming more and more urgent. The GoFAST platform integrates OnlyOffice: full-web app (nothing to install on PC), good compatibility with MS Office files (docx-xlsx-pptx), co-editing, tracking changes ... Some of our clients have completely replaced MS-Office by OnlyOffice! See more



Use-Case for mails: Capture and Workflow  

Centralize and optimize mail management while respecting the users' rights access, managed by business managers (simplified GDPR compliance). Thanks to its workflow engine, the GoFAST platform makes it possible to automate assignments: reading, creation of responses from templates, validation and signature, alerts, etc. Collaborative spaces allow you to organize access and collaborative sharing of e-mails with zero attachments, zero duplicates, and no version errors. Discover through this use-case the best practices! See more

GoFAST Collaborative Digital Workplace

GoFAST, plateforme Collaborative et GED nouvelle génération

GoFAST Open Source Technology

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