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Spring-Summer 2019

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Lecko Study Volume 10: GoFAST Among General Solutions

Like Microsoft's Office365/SharePoint, Lecko ranks GoFAST collaborative DMS among general solutions that can be used by any organization or enterprise. The positioning of Alfresco among the "process" and non-generalist solutions, demonstrates the added value of the GoFAST concept: the platform becomes much more transversal than Alfresco alone. Overall, GoFAST offers great ease and richness of use. An important point for the change management of companies that according to the study: "have significant potential for gain to connect all their employees". See more

AIFE Project feedback (PDF):

AIFE (French Ministry of Finance) manages CHORUS documentation and associated processes on GoFAST.

Discover GoFAST Community :

Already available for download and on AWS!

GoFAST in the Gulf countries: invited by the Sultanate of Oman

CEO-Vision is honored by the invitation of the "Information Technology Authority" to present GoFAST to public Organisations.

GoFAST at the BlueMind Summit 2019:

Back on the event:
GoFAST + BlueMind = Alternative to SharePoint + Outlook

Price Policy 2019:

Update of GoFAST OnPremise/SaaS prices since January 2019:

LNE is deploying GoFAST Collaborative Digital Workplace

In 2018, the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (France) chose the cross-DMS solution GoFAST. The deployment is on a steady pace, with about 20 first projects. Among the issues to deal with: promote collaborative work, optimize the management of documents and validation processes, unify communication between remote sites. It goes without saying that security is paramount and in this sense, GoFAST is hosted in LNE's infrastructure. Eventually, the file servers must be replaced by GoFAST, which represents a migration of several Teras of data. See more



How to deal with the Microsoft licensing pricing policy?

Too complicated to push customers to the cloud with relevant arguments, Microsoft forces them to leave the On-premise through tariffs. As of October 1, 2018, an increase of ~ 10% is applied to most Server2019 offerings, including SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Exchange. CEO-Vision is keeping its On-premise Offer, the only model allowing to control its IS, offering all SaaS services even On-premise: technology and security watch, supervision, maintenance, all updates and user-support. GoFAST then becomes the sovereign alternative to the leading editors, where the On-premise does not blow the IT budget, even in the case of a global deployment. See more   

New Open Source Community: Launching GoFAST Forums

With the release of GoFAST Community, a new open source community is born! Until now CEO-Vision handled the user requests via the support tool. Now, a dedicated GoFAST web space centralises the exchange around features, best practices and demand improvements. These exchanges will allow developers to steer the evolution of GoFAST so as to satisfy more and more users. So come share your comments! See more  



Continuous improvement: industrialization of GoFAST tests

With the increase in the number of clients and the multiplicity of environments (browsers, OS ...), it had become more difficult to have an accurate view of the results of tests in the pre-production phase. To increase the quality of the versions put into production at the customers, it was necessary to industrialize the tests. The improvement was made in 2 steps: STEP 1, the implementation of a tool to carry out complete and relevant test sets. STEP 2 (2019), the automation of tests for efficient recipes. The goal is to optimize version finalization processes, to make customer-users benefit from On-premise updates without any regression. See more

Use-Case: 5 min to discover how to address the GDPR with GoFAST

The documents of your company / organization are on a file server? The exchanges are always done by email and attachments? Do you have difficulty understanding your compliance with the RGPD like most companies? Discover in 5min how with the Collaborative DMS platform GoFAST you can simplify this compliance (PDF quick to consult, with screenshots). See more



CEO-Vision still a partner of the "Club Decision DSI" in 2019  

The 14 ambassadors of the club "Decision DSI" (CIO Decision) unanimously approved the continuation of the partnership for 2019 with the French editor CEO-Vision SAS. At a time when file servers and emails are out of breath, and where proprietary solutions (ex: Office365/SharePoint) blow up budgets, the 14 CIO ambassadors have been seduced by GoFAST which is in line with the in line with the 2019 themes of the Club: open source, collaborative, alternative to GAFAM, etc. The application was supported by the National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing who made the choice to deploy the solution. See more

GoFAST - Plateforme                                  Collaborative et GED

GoFAST, collaborative digital workplace and new generation DMS

Base Open Source de GoFAST

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