AGS Wage guarantee (Unédic)

Enterprise Content Management. Unédic-AGS sought to fast change its ECM providing no longer satisfaction at all. AGS has requested a deemed consulting agency to select their new platform. After numerous tests, including the relevance of the search engine and user experience, was elected the GoFast platform.

Further more than installing and setting up the platform, CEO-Vision has successfully migrated all the database from the obsolete ECM to the GoFast Platform, overall with retention of every metadata.

The association for the management of wage owed guarantee scheme (AGS) is an employer organization based on interprofessional solidarity of employers and financed by their contributions.

It operates in the case of business recovery, judicial liquidation of a company or, under some conditions, safeguard proceedings. It guarantees the payment of amounts due to employees (wages, notice, severance pay, etc...) within the best deadlines, according to conditions set by the labor code.