Among the main requirements ...

Free the mail from too many emails exchanged daily internally and with the partners /// Reduce errors linked to wrong versions of documents /// Ban attachments to secure and control access to documents and avoid their message storage /// Avoid the "consolidation" step of the various document versions made by colleagues /// Easily share the large files without overloading mail /// Save time in the search for documents and related exchanges /// Have audit trails on document access and sharing

All business sectors,
Private and Public

All departments,
at the headquarter, remote sites and partners.

Continuous access
and standing work.

"Exchange" is to address and receive in return, "Collaborate" is to work together. To unite collaborative work and generate the associated benefits, it is essential to attach the exchanges to the documents, and not send your messages through a separate "structure" with attachment.

Share documents with colleagues and partners in Collaborative Spaces (Directions, Services, Project-Teams, Remote Sites ...) thanks to the "multi-location": zero duplicates, zero emails, or attachments to always have the right version and secure access.

To share documents occasionally with external non-GoFAST users, send a secure download link to "the wanted document" (the last version available with download acknowledgment, audit ...), and not file "versions" as mail attachments.

Rather than hundreds of emails, receive a single "Activity Summary" notification email listing the added or updated content, the associated comments and the nature of the modifications.

For example, 13 documents processed over ½ day by 10 collaborators, including: 4 new documents, 26 updates to existing files and 14 associated messages.

File server + attachments:

Minimum 140 sent emails (14 messages per each of 10 collaborators).

Up to 300 shared attachments (considering that each version of the documents must be sent to the whole team for information / contribution).

Risk of recipient forgetfulness / error, insecure attachments, quickly obsolete and can be transferred to any e-mail address.

GoFAST Collaborative Digital Workplace:

Maximum 10 emails (1 email / collaborator), listing the added, updated and commented documents.

0 attachment thanks to access through secure links (authentication required), no recipient error, everyone has access to the right version.

All comments shared by the team are included in this single notification and always available on the relevant documents page.

140 emails + up to 300 attachments

10 emails (1 per employee) + 0 attachment (only links)

Reducing emails and optimizing collaborative work is also possible thanks to the Collaborative Suite integrated into GoFAST: zero attachments sent and nothing to "consolidate" because all contributors simultaneously co-edit office documents, each in its own part with monitoring of changes.