Mail Workflows

Among the main issues ...

To centralize and automate the mail management and associated responses, in accordance with access rights /// To ensure proper compliance with the sorting and distribution steps, reading, writing responses and their validation /// To have the necessary alerts to ensure proper consideration and respect of deadlines /// To find any mail with one or two keywords (e.g. subject, sender / recipient, date, etc.) /// To have a dashboard of incoming and outgoing mail management processes

All business sectors,
Private and Public

All Departments, Mail Service,
remote teams (subsidiaries, partners ...)

Continuous access
and work.

Each organization has its own mail workflows. GoFAST allows you to model specific workflows to automate reading assignments, creation of responses from templates, validation, required information, notifications and reminders, signature, etc.

Centralization of the mails (PDF, scanned documents, emails/attachments ...) both in the Collaborative Space dedicated to the mails and the concerned Service Spaces, with zero duplication thanks to the "multi-filing"! Visibility can also be determined through the process.

Manual or automated launch of your specific mail management process (e.g. at the mail upload), the mail and its response always linked to the process and accessible only to authorized collaborators to ensure confidentiality (GDPR).

It is possible to apply Electronic Signatures, required at the final stage of the specific mail-workflow (through your PDF app or an additional module).

The GoFAST Workflow Dashboard allows you to easily check the processes which are in progress or completed, the detailed history, the associated mails and the assigned collaborators.

Full-text indexing and the powerful search engine allow you to find mail (OCR) by entering the recipient/sender, the subject of the mail, the signatories, etc. The research and the many filters save precious time!

Various OCR / ADR solutions can be integrated with GoFAST for the implementation of simple or advanced dematerialization of incoming paper mail, depending on your specific needs. Contact us!