ESEA Public Interest Group launched a tender for the implementation and maintenance of the Document Management System (DMS) solution, as well as for associated training.

The group wanted to :

  • simplify the daily sharing and use of documents from 3 branches and the head office
  • allow better collaborative work between civil servants
  • strengthen the collaboration between 3 former Health Co-operation Groups which are now merged
  • share a larger mass of documents

After the collaborators of ESEA Public Interest Group studied the CEO-Vision SAS offer and the negotiation phase, the solution of GoFAST Open Source Collaborative DMS won the contract.


In addition to being an Open Source and sovereign solution, the GoFAST platform has perfectly satisfied the needs expressed by all collaborators of ESEA Public Interest Group.

One of the ESEA Public Interest Group selection criteria: the GoFAST platform is based on the best of Open Source technologies, on the DMS aspects (Alfresco), Collaboration (Riot, Jitsi meet, Drupal), process (Workflows BPMN BonitaSoft).

ESEA Public Interest Group was also looking for an easy-to-use solution for users of all IT levels and in collaborative practices.

The solution had to be accessible on the move, including offline mode with file synchronization between the workstations and the platform.

Among the main needs expressed for collaborative document management :

  • need for internal sharing and dissemination between head office and documentary content branches, but also with participants outside of GRADeS (Groupement Régional d’Appui au Développement de la e-santé / Regional Support Group for the e-health Development)
  • document management in a secure space, with a high degree of confidentiality
  • clear and secure rights management, with the possibility of management through lists or user groups
  • content creation
  • collaborative editing of documents
  • automatic versioning
  • documentary taxonomy management
  • simple and fast content search
  • notifications and activity tracking
  • sharing of documents from the GoFAST platform through APIs for publication on external sites (linkages)
  • interfacing with the Chorus Pro connector for managing digital invoices of public services


To date (April 2020), the project is at an early stage. Users and project managers are highly motivated after starting to use GoFAST Collaborative DMS and understanding its concept. A reflection around the Collaborative Spaces tree thus began, to structure the information sharing, access rights and combine collaborative work.

Next steps :

  • The addition of the Abby Fine Reader component to the GoFAST platform to allow documents to be digitized with OCR, directly in the desired directory on the Collaborative DMS
  • The workstation configuration for offline file synchronization between workstations and the GoFAST platform
  • At the request of ESEA Public Interest Group, IT engineers from CEO-Vision will model a specific workflow for filing, collaborative management with co-edition, visa / validation with electronic signature by one or more authorized person (s)

The ESEA Public Interest Group was created on October 1, 2017 from the merger of 3 Health and e-health Co-operation Groups (Groupements de Coopération Sanitaire (GCS)) from Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes regions.

ESEA Public Interest Group is a public digital health participant in Nouvelle - Aquitaine. Their general interest mission is to ensure the e-health development in the Nouvelle - Aquitaine Region in order to meet the challenges of improving the coordination of care and the patient history.

As GRADeS (Groupement Régional d’Appui au Développement de la e-santé / Regional Support Group for the e-health Development), it is the preferential e-health operator of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Health Agency (l’Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS)), with whom they maintain a logic of mutual commitments.