Among the main requirements ...

Centralize all the documents scattered between file servers, PCs, tablets, mail ... /// Find your documents in record time (the right version!) /// Combine collaborative work while securing access to documents (GDPR) /// End the storage of information and attachments in your mailbox /// Access your working documents at any time, through a simple web connection

    All business sectors,
    Private and Public

    All departments, at the headquarter
    and remote sites (stores, subsidiaries, etc.).

    Continuous access
    and work.

    No more file server chaos: all your documents and other content are centralized and secured in a single repository, with simple management, sharing without duplicates, no version error and all collaborative work tools.

    Documents are shared in Collaborative Spaces (Directions, Services, Project Teams, etc.) thanks to the "multi-location": zero duplicates, zero emails, no attachments to always have the right version of the documents and optimize security in collaborative work.

    Access rights to Collaborative Spaces and their documents managed by business managers, separately from system administration: data security ("Snowden" reminder), audit trails, simpler GDPR compliance, autonomy of business teams, "delegable" administration and time saving.

    Find documents or information, with a few keywords: much faster than through the tree structure, thanks to full-text indexing, the powerful search engine and numerous filters (format, category, creator, date of creation / modification, tag, importance, etc.).

    Reduce your internal emails and emails with external partners by up to 90% thanks to "Activity Summaries". Thoughtful notifications: the complete list of added, modified and commented documents and content in a single email! Always according to their access rights and the selected frequency.

    In the office, on telecommuting or on the move, you have secure access to your working documents with a simple internet connection, and even offline via a document tree synchronization module (PC / GoFAST).