Among the main requirements ...

Have an up-to-date list of assignments for signature and associated documents /// Ensure compliance with the steps in a multiple-signature process /// Apply electronic signatures with probative value (RGS *, RGS ** ) /// Significantly or completely reduce the number of printed documents /// Have the necessary alerts and reminders to ensure deadlines are met

All business sectors,
Private and Public

All Departments, Mail Service,
remote teams (subsidiaries, partners ...)

Continuous access
and standing work.

Various electronic signing systems are possible with GoFAST Collaborative DMS: via its PDF application (Acrobat / Foxit Reader), via an additional module on server side, via a connection with a third party electronic signing system.

Open it from GoFAST to edit PDF files, via the PDF application installed on PC, to sign with its qualified signature certificate. (On USB key) Recorded directly on GoFAST, zero duplicates, no file downloads on your PC.

GoFAST allows you to model specific advanced workflows (BPMN Bonitasoft) to digitize your electronic signing system and other processes: Contracts, Quality, Memos, Mail, Invoices, Public Procurement, etc.

Do you already have an electronic signature? Optimize your document management and your processes, from a model creation till the final signature, thanks to the coupling with Collaborative DMS: fluidity, simplicity and audit trails. Contact us!