Among the main requirements ...

    Ban attachments, including dozens of budget Excel versions /// Share budget documents without creating duplicates or local copies on PC /// Guarantee compliance with the validation process and ensure that the right version of the budget is validated /// Save time in the budget preparation and facilitate the tracking of updates /// Simplify and secure the sharing of documents between headquarters, remote sites, external partners

      All business sectors,
      Private and Public

      CFO, CEO, Accounting,
      remote teams (stores, subsidiaries ...)

      Continuous access
      and recurrent validations.

      Only one "Budget" file shared in the Space reserved for the Administrative and Financial Department, and in the Collaborative Spaces of the concerned structures (stores, services, branches, etc.): zero duplicates, zero emails, and no attachments.

      Access rights to Workspaces, their documents and associated comments are managed by business managers and not by a system administrator (See Snowden, GDPR).

      Co-edition of the Excel file "Budget" is carried out simultaneously by site directors, CIO, accounting ... with the Collaborative Office Suite of GoFAST: modifications displayed directly, management and comparison of versions, etc.

      Each update of the "budget" file is saved, numbered and available by a simple click: there is no risk of losing the modifications, even if the file is overwritten.

      Optimize your processes of contribution, verification and validation using the standard workflow or a specific 100% adapted workflow: steps, forms, notifications, classification, etc.

      Centralized "budget" file and no more sent as an e-mail attachment, only as a secure access link (in notifications, task/workflows, chat-rooms, etc.) or download link for non-GoFAST users (with audit trails).