AIFE (Min. of Finance)

In charge of Chorus, the Budget Management software of the French State, AIFE (Agency for Financial Informatics State) ensures the maintenance, evolution and support. For optimized management of all Chorus related documentation and processes, AIFE has chosen the collaborative digital-workplace GoFAST.

Alternative OnPremise and Open Source to Office 365/Sharepoint, GoFAST truly revolutionizes collaborative work: real ECM, Collaborative Office-Suite, Workflows, Web conference, Chat, Powerful Search Engine, Extranet Space, Forum, Mobility ...

This project illustrates particularly well how Open Source technology meets concrete business needs while offering a security adapted to the strategic nature of this documentation.

GoFAST has been installed OnPremise on the infrastructure of AIFE, and today allows its internal collaborators and service providers (about 500 users) to: easily find the contents thanks to the powerful search engine, consult them and edit them safely, be notified by summaries of activity reducing the number of e-mails, strictly respect the processes of editing, verifying, validating and publishing of documents. An important work has been done to create specific workflows and thus achieve this objective of optimizing the management of documents of Chorus.

The GoFAST solution was also chosen for its Open Source technology bases and its ability to evolve over time according to user feedback.

AIFE is the Agency for Financial Information Technology under the authority of the French Minister of Budget. The AIFE defined and implemented Chorus, the ERP that manages the French state expenditure, non-tax revenues and public accounting for a volume of 2 billions euros a day. Chorus is the largest SAP based implementation in Europe.