AGS Wage guarantee (Unédic)

Enterprise Content Management. Unédic-AGS sought to fast change its ECM providing no longer satisfaction at all. AGS has requested a deemed consulting agency to select their new platform. After numerous tests, including the relevance of the search engine and user experience, was elected the GoFast platform.

Further more than installing and setting up the platform, CEO-Vision has successfully migrated all the database from the obsolete ECM to the GoFast Platform, overall with retention of every metadata.

The association for the management of wage owed guarantee scheme (AGS) is an employer organization based on interprofessional solidarity of employers and financed by their contributions.

It operates in the case of business recovery, judicial liquidation of a company or, under some conditions, safeguard proceedings. It guarantees the payment of amounts due to employees (wages, notice, severance pay, etc...) within the best deadlines, according to conditions set by the labor code.

Nos Clients-Utilisateurs témoignent...

  • From a documentary standpoint, the solution notably replaces file servers. With these, in addition to the difficulty of setting up access rights, the information duplication rate was 4 or 5, or even more. Folder trees multiplied, document versioning was impossible. There was a wealth of information, but an overall loss of knowledge.

    Chief Information Officer and Digital Uses @ Occitania region

  • We always use the GoFAST solution with great satisfaction; We have all been telecommuting since mid-March 2020 and we do not encounter any difficulties.

    As with any change, the adoption of GoFAST asked everyone to change their habits, but quickly the use of the platform - very reliable - won everyone's support.

  • CEO-Vision has successfully combined some of the best Open Source “bricks” to provide the GoFAST solution. It, coupled with the efficiency and sense of service of its teams, allows us to tackle one of the aspects of our digital transformation with confidence.

  • Portrait Samira El Keffi

    Besides the fact that the GoFAST solution is simply great, I also particularly appreciate the collaboration with the CEO team who has always been very responsive and attentive to the specific needs of our organization.

    Organizational Development coordinator @Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency

  • The choice of Open Source has not only been a political choice but also economic, because the proprietary solutions of major editors are too expensive when the number of users is large.

    In the end, standards "smooth" complexity and allow interoperability. With GoFAST, we have the best of both worlds!

    Chief Executive Officer @ Botanic, the natural gardening

  • Portrait Bénédicte Speidel

    GoFAST has revolutionized the way of working at Enabel and especially to collaborate in the digital age, thanks to its applications that allow to manage thousands of documents on a single platform; to edit online instantly and simultaneously by several users; always make accessible updated versions, shared among hundreds of people around the...

    Administrative assistant and Product manager @ Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency