Workflows and Signature

GoFAST integrates Bonitasoft, leading software editor in Workflows.

Dematerialization of any business process: Invoices, HR, Quality, Mails, requests for Signatures ...

Specific business process

Specific Workflows are highly adapted to your business needs: invoices, HR, bid documents, signature book, reports, quality ... CEO-Vision assists you in the study and modeling of workflows (service delivery).

Digital Signature

Sign electronically with PDF editing (through you own PDF application) and secure the process as part of an electronic signature workflow. To go further, it is possible to integrate with an Electronic Signing System for Qualified Signature.

Capture for Zero Paper

Thanks to the specific Workflows, dematerialize your processes from A to Z: from the creation of the document until its validation / signature.

Process History and Dashboard
The detailed history of workflows allows to view all actions, exchanges, tasks done and contributors with time stamp, throughout the process and once completed.
Standard Workflow

Available from the installation of GoFAST, the standard workflow makes it easy to assign various tasks on documents: for information, comments, contributions, validations, signatures.

Zero paper

Sign without printing: respect of steps, hierarchy, deadlines and source of savings.

GoFAST Demonstration

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In a specific Workflow, the detailed history can be made accessible only to assigned employees.

Key features of Workflows to dematerialize and optimize your business processes ...

Standard workflow, easy to use
Workflow modeling with Bonita Studio
Quick access to tasks and documents
Specific workflow: Electronic signature book
Notifications: Zero Forgetting, Respect of Deadlines
Confidentiality of data
Workflow Dashboard
Process on the "document cart"

* BPM - Workflow: Circuits of work tasks, to facilitate collaborative business process and document validation.

** Electronic signature: requires a station configuration, if not performed on the server side (for more information contact CEO-Vision).