Soaring prices for G-Suite, now Google Workspace

This week with the change from G-Suite to Google Workspace, Google betrays organizations with more than 300 collaborators who have chosen not to subscribe to the Enterprise offer for cost reasons.

All this in a context of growing resistance of large organizations against GAFAM, driven in particular by Cigref (Bernard Duverneuil,Stéphane R.,Henri d'AGRAIN),  Google is therefore overhauling its offer.

When you take a quick look at the new pricing offer, nothing really catches your eye, except the disappearance of unlimited storage in the G-Suite Business offer which becomes Business Standard (2TB).

But as usual, the scoop and the very bad news for organizations with more than 300 collaborators are found at the bottom of the offer presentation.

The first 3 offers (Business Starter at 5.20 € / month, Business Standard at 10.40 € / month and Business Plus at 15.60 € / month) become reserved for organizations with less than 300 collaborators ...

For some organizations with more than 300 collaborators, this can mean an increase from 5.20 € / month to 23 € / month.

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