Project feedback: AIFE (French Ministry of Finance), manages Chorus (State ERP) documentation on GoFAST DMS

Great success at Paris Open Source Summit 2018 for the restitution of the project realized at the AIFE (French Ministry of Finance): Collaborative DMS platform GoFAST to manage the documentation of CHORUS and the associated processes ".

No empty seats and interesting questions ... This year, visitors to the Paris Open Source Summit were able to discover how an important governmental administration can meet the expectations of its users, while supporting a French startup!


Mr. Khalid Raihane, Project Manager at AIFE has made an objective and enthusiastic feedback, here is a video clip for the final part "Results Achieved" (in French, but you can activate the auto-translation of YouTube).

Intervenants :


Khalid Raihane
Project Manager @ AIFE

AIFE (Agency for Financial Information Technology of the State), in charge of the coherence of the financial IS, manages the system of budgetary, financial and accounting information (Chorus) and proposes dematerialization solutions for the benefit of all governmental and local organisations and companies.


Christopher Potter
Founding President
@ CEO-Vision SAS

CEO-Vision is the editor of GoFAST Digital Workplace, the symbiosis of the most recognized open source technologies in their field. GoFAST is the sovereign European alternative, OnPremise or SaaS to Office 365 / SharePoint, GoogleDocs ...

Key figures and issues of the project:

  • > 70 000 documents 
  • > 400 very active users
  • Advanced workflows attached directly to documents
  • Compliance with the requirements of security and auditability

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"The" Open Source Show:

Paris Open Source Summit is a must-attend event in France for all CIOs and IT managers who want to secure their IS, master the IT budget and find relevant alternatives to GAFAM!

So go for the next edition in late 2019.

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