Office Suite and Collaborative Work

Simultaneous co-edition of Office files, centralized comments, forums, wiki, files sharing through secured URL links ....

GoFAST is the perfect tool for collaborative work, replacing or complementing Office365/SharePoint/Teams.

Edition : Collaborative Office Suite or its own Office application

Simultaneous co-edition of Office files in the web browser, alternative to Office365 / GoogleDocs compatible MS-Office formats. Possibility to edit with your Office application (MS-Office, LibreOffice...) directly from GoFAST with a lock.

Collaborative Spaces

A reflection of your organization chart and collaborative projects and knowledgebase, easy-to-manage access rights for business managers.

Share without duplicating
An exclusive feature, multi-filing allows you to share the same file in different Collaborative Spaces or folders, without copying or attachments for zero duplicate.
File sharing by secure links

Less email, zero attachment : files are always shared through authenticated access links for users, or a secure download link for for those who do not have a user account on GoFAST.

Zero duplicate

The multi-filing of documents to share without copy or attachment.

GoFAST Demonstration

Ask for a demo

Zero attachment

File sharing via secure URL links, direct access or download for outside.

Main features of coedition and collaborative work ...

Co-edition: Collaborative Office Suite
Comments and Annotations
Publication of final versions
Internal and Extranet Collaborative Spaces
Activity Summary Notifications
Discussion Forums
Intranet, collaborative Wiki pages
Internal messages and file sharing