ECM-DMS based on Alfresco

GoFAST benefits from the Alfresco ecosystem.

Efficient and secure document management, at the office, on the move or telecommuting, you always have access to the right version of documents...

Replaces the obsolete file server

Secure access and useful features to manage all types of files, from creation to publication: models, multi-location, co-edition, versioning, process, clear user rights ...

User interface optimized for collaborative ECM/DMS

Unlike many DMS/EDM, GoFAST offers an ergonomic interface that evolves with user feedback. Perfect fusion between Document management and collaborative platform for a real Digital Workplace.

Share without duplicating
An exclusive feature, multi-filing allows to share the same file in different Collaborative Spaces or folders neither copying, nor attachments for zero duplicates.
IS Standards and Integration

Take advantage of the Alfresco ecosystem and Open Source standards to simplify the integration of GoFAST with your business applications and optimize your IS (ERP, Electronic Signature-book, Messaging, OCR, HR management, Archiving...).

Collaborative ECM/DMS

Manage and share documents with zero duplicate and zero attachment

GoFAST Demonstration

Ask for a demo

+30% Productivity

Save time thanks to simple and collaborative management.

Main features of EDM/DMS to centralize and secure documents ...

Simple management of user-rights
Multi-filing: Zero Duplicate
Manage all types of content
Automatic file versioning
Multichannel access & IS integration
PDF preview of Office documents
Online edition with auto-lock
Mobility, offline and Telecommuting

* OCR: character recognition of scanned text documents.

** up to 30% productivity gain in content management: study carried out by Botanic with one of its departments.