Benedicte Speidel

GoFAST has revolutionized the way of working at Enabel and especially to collaborate in the digital age, thanks to its applications that allow to manage thousands of documents on a single platform; to edit online instantly and simultaneously by several users; always make accessible updated versions, shared among hundreds of people around the world. There is no longer need to work with dozens of emails and attachments and juggle the different versions.

Above all, you have access to documents wherever you are, with a simple internet connection.

"Multifiling" also makes it possible to reach more colleagues, who can find the same documents in different places on the platform; which also allows greater accessibility and transparency with respect to information in the Organisation.

Being an international organization that also works a lot with external partners or consultants, the fact that GoFAST allows external people to have an account on and access to right documents, greatly facilitates collaboration and sharing of information/working documents with our partners. We save time !

We quickly become familiar with the tool because we can manage documents in different ways; everyone can navigate according to his habits: file explorer, tree shortcuts, search engine, network drive... There are different ways to reach the features.

Finally, CEO Vision listens to its users and continually evolves the tool to adapt to the needs and evolution of the digital age.

Portrait Bénédicte Speidel

Administrative assistant and Product manager @ Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency