AIFE project feedback: video at BlueMind Summit 2019

At Bluemind Summit 2019, the many IT decision-makers present had the opportunity to discover the sovereign and open source messaging, document management and collaborative work solutions that are relevant to GAFAM. The Digital Transformation stakeholders shared their feedback, including the project to set up the GoFAST Collaborative DMS Platform at the AIFE (French Ministry of Finance), for the management of the documentation of CHORUS (State ERP) and related processes.

You did not have the chance to attend the event? Watch the full video of the feedback, presented by Christopher Potter, President-Founder of CEO-Vision !

Video Project Feedback

The video is in French, but do not hesitate to enable YouTube subtitles or ask for information to our "team : Contact form

Scope of the project 

AIFE is the nationally competent service responsible for the State's budgetary, financial and accounting information systems. Its mission is, after having built Chorus, the IS common to all players in the state financial management, to provide support, maintenance and evolution by leading new projects.

AIFE intended in order to optimize its document management, to have an easy-to-use DMS/ECM tool with collaborative and workflow functionalities allowing it to store and manage the entire SI Chorus documentation repository.

GoFAST has been installed on the infrastructure of AIFE and today allows internal employees and service providers to:

  • Find content with the powerful search engine easily, view and edit it securely.
  • Be notified by activity summaries reducing the number of e-mails.
  • Respect the processes for updating, verifying, validating and publishing AIFE IS maintenance documents.
  • Track actions performed on documents, as well as exchanges and decisions associated with workflows.

A specific workflow modeling work, in connection with the AIFE processes, was carried out to achieve this objective of optimizing the management
of the Chorus document repository.

This project illustrates particularly well how an open source technology meets concrete business needs while respecting security standard requiered to the strategic nature of this documentation. GoFAST solution was also chosen for its open source technology base, its ability to evolve over time according to user feedback and the responsiveness of the teams and management of CEO-Vision.

On Premise Alternative and Open Source to Office 365 / Sharepoint , GoFAST truly revolutionizes collaborative work: real DMS based on Alfresco, Office Collaborative Suite, Workflow, Web-conference, Chat, Powerful Search Engine, Extranet capabilties , Forum, and Mobile version.

Regain his Digital Sovereignty

Alternative OnPremise and Open Source to Office 365 / Sharepoint, GoFAST truly revolutionizes collaborative work. BlueMind is a key technology partner for CEO-Vision! Indeed, the GoFAST & BlueMind association allows to cover all the needs of a transversal DMS platform, Workflows, Office Editing/Coéditing, collaborative Messaging, data Security, Mobility ... for Administrations and Companies.