Administration and Security

The Document Management independent from the System Administration.

GoFAST frees the CIO from "business" management, facilitates compliance with the GDPR, and gives the Directorates their autonomy.

Secure data and GDPR

Document access right can be managed by business users and not IT ones for maximum data security, facilitating GDPR compliance.

Shared management of Spaces

The management of Collaborative Spaces is simple and shared among the members-administrators: the services and project teams gain autonomy and the CIO department saves precious time.

Audit Activity and Statistics

Audit user activity and access to documents. Generate statistical views to observe the evolution of the use of Collaborative Spaces.

Quick Start
GoFAST is a standard solution for improving productivity thanks to its functionalities and quick handling. Standardization is a real saving of time and money.
Secure data, audit trails

Business Management vs System Administration

Document access management separate from system administration: security and time savings for the IT department.

GoFAST Demonstration

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Simplified GDPR

Unique and innovative concept

Simplified compliance thanks to the secure framework for collaborative work on GoFAST.

Key features of business management of Collaborative Spaces and System Administration ...

Simple access rights management
Delegation of the Business Administration
Document Version Management
Delete and Restore
Many audit trails
The Web Interface to your Graphic Charter
Delegation of authentication to the AD
Document life cycle and archiving